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Alex Yucovich

"When Do WOM Codes Improve the Erasure Factor in Flash Memories?"

April 21, 2015

Project goal was to show that by introduction of 2-write WOM codes to the Flash Transmission Layer (FTL), the number of block erases performed by the physical memory, a key factor in the longevity of flash memories, can be reduced significantly. A software was designed to simulate a generic Flash memory. Multiple Garbage Collection algorithms were simulated and an optimal GC algorithm was found. Theoretical analysis and Empirical results showed significant reduction in the number of block erases.

Hila Arobas

"The Devil is in the Details: Implementing FlashPage Reuse with WOM Codes"

July 11, 2016

The project's goal was to provide empirical data for the paper "The Devil is in the Details: Implementing Flash Page Reuse with WOM Codes" by Dr. Gala Yadgar and Prof. Eitan Yaakobi. Several WOM codes implementation schemes were tested. tests were carried out on several NAND chips mounted on a Siglead board.

Roman Shor


July 11, 2016

SSDPlayer is an open source graphical tool for visualizing data layout and movement on flash devices. It is designed to give a better understanding of how data gets from one place to another and why.

Shay Avital and Roei Ben-Harush

"MemCheck Project"

July 11, 2016

User friendly interface to view and manipulate SSD tests' data.

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